Abandoned Rails


Something that I have always been fascinated with is old railroad infrastructure.  This section of the website focuses on infrastructure that has been either abandoned or replaced.  This includes but is not limited to: rail lines, structures, and signals. 


I would like to thank the many people who have graciously shared their knowledge and material in helping me to further enhance these pages.  Without your assistance and generosity, the job of compiling much of this information would have been even more difficult and time consuming.  Thank you!  


Are you interested in submitting material? Contributions are welcomed in the form of both photographs and information.  You can e-mail me at jl.hawkins@comcast.net.


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Atlantic Coast Line Railroad


Fallen ACL Signals

Old Mainline

Richmond, VA (Under Construction - Coming Soon)

Shops Yard

Richmond, VA

Locomotive Shops

Rocky Mount, NC

Emerson Shops

Rocky Mount, NC

Wilson, NC

Station Agent's Last Day




Chesapeake & Ohio Railway

Alleghany Subdivision

Fallen C&O Signals

C&O Steamers Going to Scrap

Richmond, VA - 1961

Rivanna Subdivision

Fallen C&O Signals (Under Construction - Coming Soon)

James River Subdivision

Fallen C&O Signals (Under Construction - Coming Soon)




Norfolk & Western Railway

Bluestone Branch

History, Overview and Photos

Kellysville Connection

History, Overview and Maps

Locomotive Dead Line

Radford, VA - 1989

Old Mainline via Farmville

History, Overview and Photos

Pocahontas Branch

History, Photos and Map

Pocahontas District

Fallen N&W CPL Signals

Signs & Markers  

Photo Gallery of N&W Signs and Markers

Virginia Division

Fallen N&W CPL Signals

Winston-Salem District

Fallen N&W CPL Signals




Seaboard Air Line Railroad

Norlina Subdivision - Petersburg, VA to Norlina, NC

Overview & Abandonment  

Norlina Subdivision - Petersburg, VA to Norlina, NC

Mainline Action Photos  

The Norlina Subdivision Today

A look at the line nearly 30 years post abandonment




Virginian Railway

Princeton, WV

Shop Complex

Norfolk Division

First Subdivision (Sewell's Point to Victoria)

New River Division Photos

Narrows, Glen Lyn, Princeton and Mullens


Virginian Signals Past & Present

Tidewater Junction

Norfolk, VA




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