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Glossary of Terms: The following abbreviations are used throughout the guides.


EES = East End of Siding

WES = West End of Siding

EEDT = East End of Double Track

WEDT = West End of Double Track

DD = Defect Detector (CSX)

TSA = Trackside Analyzer (NS)

EB = Eastbound

WB = Westbound

CAG = Crossing at Grade





  Coverage File Last Update
All Trains  Statewide



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Buckingham Branch


Division Coverage File Last Update
 Richmond & Alleghany  Richmond, VA - Clifton Forge, VA

 Buckingham  Dillwyn, VA - Bremo, VA Coming soon!
 Virginia Southern  Burkeville, VA - Clarksville, VA Coming soon!






Subdivision Coverage Heritage File Last Update
 Alleghany  Clifton Forge, VA - Hinton, WV


 Bellwood  Richmond, VA - Centralia, VA SAL 1-20-12
 Charleston  Florence, SC - Savannah, GA ACL 1-20-12
 James River  Gladstone, VA - Clifton Forge, VA C&O 2-18-13
 New River  Hinton, WV - Montgomery, WV C&O 1-20-12
 North End  Richmond, VA - Rocky Mount, NC ACL 1-20-12
 North Mountain  Charlottesville, VA - Clifton Forge, VA C&O See Buckingham Branch Richmond & Alleghany Division
 Peninsula  Richmond, VA - Newport News, VA C&O 9-17-11
 Piedmont  Richmond, VA - Gordonsville, VA C&O See Buckingham Branch Richmond & Alleghany Division
 Portsmouth  Portsmouth, VA - Weldon, NC SAL 1-20-12
 RF&P  Richmond, VA - Washington D.C. RF&P 1-20-12
 Rivanna  Richmond, VA - Gladstone, VA C&O 1-20-12
 South End  Rocky Mount, NC - Florence, SC ACL 8-12-13
 Washington  Orange, VA - Charlottesville, VA C&O See Buckingham Branch Richmond & Alleghany Division




Norfolk Southern


District Coverage Heritage File Last Update
 Altavista  Abilene, VA - Roanoke, VA VGN

 B-Line  Manassas, VA - Front Royal, VA SOU




 Blue Ridge  Crewe, VA - Roanoke, VA N&W 3-16-11
 Christiansburg  Roanoke, VA - Bluefield, WV N&W 9-24-10
 Danville  Lynchburg, VA - Greensboro, NC SOU 12-4-10
 Durham  Lynchburg, VA - Hyco Junction, NC N&W 9-13-06
 Franklin  Suffolk, VA - Lawrenceville, VA NF&D 2-4-06
 Hagerstown  Hagerstown, MD - Shenandoah, VA N&W 12-29-10
 Norfolk  Canal Drive - Crewe, VA N&W 10-22-16
 Norfolk Terminal  Lambert's Point - Canal Drive N&W 9-22-11
 Norfolk Terminal  Sewell's Point Branch VGN 5-22-10
 Pocahontas  Bluefield, WV - Williamson, WV N&W 9-24-10
 Pulaski  Walton, VA - Bristol, VA N&W 3-16-11
 Richmond  Burkeville, VA - West Point, VA SOU 3-30-09
 Roanoke  Shenandoah, VA - Roanoke, VA N&W 9-3-12
 Washington  Alexandria, VA - Lynchburg, VA SOU 12-4-10
 Whitethorne  Roanoke, VA - Narrows, VA VGN 9-22-11
 Winston-Salem  Roanoke, VA - Winston-Salem, NC N&W 3-19-11



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