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C&O Steamers Going to Scrap

Richmond, VA


The following sequence of photos illustrates the journey that many Chesapeake & Ohio steam locomotives took in the years following their retirement.  All photographs were taken by the late Evan Siler of Richmond, Virginia.  Evan was long-time member of the Old Dominion Chapter NRHS, who now retains ownership of his vast collection of railroad images. 

A line of retired C&O locomotives await their fate at C&O's 17th Street Yard near downtown Richmond. 


Shown at the SAL's Brown Street Yard in downtown Richmond are C&O H-4 "Mallet" 1436 and 1435 along with a third, unidentified C&O locomotive.  The engines have been transferred to the SAL from the C&O's adjacent 17th Street Yard for transport to Deepwater Terminal where they will be scrapped on-site.


SAL Baldwin DS4-4-1000 No. 1458 totes a pair of C&O steam engines across the James River Bridge to Deepwater Terminal. 


The train has now left the SAL mainline and is entering the Deepwater Terminal Lead as it prepares to pass beneath Interstate 95. The tracks in the foreground comprise the SAL's South Yard which is still used today by CSX. 


The movement is nearing Deepwater Terminal as it parallels Interstate 95, which had only been open to traffic for three years when this photo was taken.  


C&O H-8 "Allegheny" No. 1655 appears to be next in line for the torch.  Note the cab of the 1646 upside down in the left of the photo.  


In this photo a crane magnet is shown removing the front of C&O K-4 "Kanawha" No. 2786. 


A look at the carnage left behind. 


One of the many Allegheny's that were scrapped at Deepwater include the 1653 as seen here. 








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