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Fallen N&W Color Position Light Signals

- NS Pocahontas District -

This page contains photographs of N&W color position light signals that have been replaced along the NS Pocahontas District.  If you have any photographs or additional information that you'd like to contribute, please contact me at jl.hawkins@comcast.net.



Allen Street (N363.6)


This pedestrian walkway also doubled as a signal bridge across Bluefield Yard.  The modern pole signal below the bridge on the far left was activated in late 2004, which is why the CPL head at the far left (for Main 1) is turned sideways.  While the bridge itself has been closed to foot traffic for many years, it continued to support the active CPL signals at Allen Street until it was removed in the fall of 2008.  A modern cantilever signal bridge is now located here as seen in this photo and all signals seen in the above image are gone.  These excellent 1981 and 1984 views offer a look at the CPL signals in better times. 


Photo by Jeff Hawkins (August 14, 2005)



Hales Bottom (N367.5)


Also known as Pinhook, these signals had seen better days as evidenced by this early 2006 photo.  This location is often used as a holdout for eastbound trains waiting to enter Bluefield Yard.  This photo shows a coal train with a spectacular lashup passing the signals several months prior to their removal.


Photo by Jeff Hawkins (January 6, 2006)



Keystone (N387.3)


Protecting the crossover at Keystone was this cantilever signal bridge.  Replaced between August 2007 and October 2009. 


Photo by Jeff Hawkins (January 6, 2006)



Eckman (N388.3)


Looking east at the N&W cantilever signal bridge at Eckman that was replaced in early 2009.  The westbound signals (visible in the distance) were replaced when the new US 52 bridge was constructed. 


Photo by Jeff Hawkins (August 12, 2005)



Farm (N401.1)


One of the more well-known locations on the "Pokey" is Farm.  It is here that most eastbound trains pause to receive pushers for the climb to Elkhorn Tunnel and into Bluefield.  The three eastbound signals seen in this photograph were replaced in early 2007.  Somehow the westbound signal mast (far left) has managed to survive. 


Photo by Jeff Hawkins (January 6, 2006)



Wharf (N401.4)


The interlocking of Wharf is just around the curve from the coaling tower at Farm.  These signals were replaced in January 2007. 


Photo by Jeff Hawkins (February 17, 2005)



Iaeger (N422.3)


The signals at Iaeger came down in the summer of 2009.  Crews replaced not only the mainline signals, but also the the signals on the wye connecting to the Dry Fork Branch as well.  Fortunately the northbound signal just outside of Auville Yard adjacent to the Route 80 grade crossing is still standing.  To see what this scene looked like before the bridge was built, click here


Photo by Jeff Hawkins (August 5, 2007)


Hull (N424.7)


Two miles west of Iaeger was a myriad of crossovers along with access to the center siding at Hull.  The interlocking was goverened by a pair of three track signal bridges.  Since late 2009, new signal structures were located on site but for unknown reasons, it took nearly three years for the new signals to be erected and activated.  That time finally arrived in late August 2012 when the signal bridges at Hull were finally retired. 


Photo by Jeff Hawkins (October 17, 2009)



Panther (N429.7)


A typical humid and hazy summer day in 2005 finds the westbound signal at Panther still guarding the crossovers.  The eastbound signal was just out of view around the curve.  Both were replaced in October 2007.  Click here to see a photo of the new signals being installed. 


Photo by Jeff Hawkins (August 12, 2005)




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